Wood and White Kitchen Composition in Amsterdam Apartment

A home with 4 family members with awesome wood and white kitchen composition is located in the south of Amsterdam. The original structure is a double hall with long corridors and large doors. The structure is then converted into a spacious, clean and full house with air and light ventilation.

The wood and white kitchen room combines a single floor, wall cabinet, and ceiling in one composition. There is one front panel that is cut with a laser to produce precise, neat, and precise cuts. This piece provides a clear composition of cabinets that can open and close, with holes that also function as handrails.

For interior furniture, designers use good brands like Grcic. One room has an open-plan staircase, which allows light to enter and illuminate most of the room.

On the upper floor of the main bedroom is located next to a large washroom with an organized ceramic floor surface area from Patricia Urquiola, glass, and wooden cabinets.