Use of Wood in Interior Design in Mumbai Penthouse

Rajiv Saini is a talented design which designed a penthouse in Mumbai, India, with the concept of use of wood in interior design. In some rooms, such as from the bedroom to the bathroom, accents of wooden walls adorn the room. This gives the impression of warm and natural. Coupled with the lighting of the room that is not too bright, makes the bedroom atmosphere calmer.

The sleeping space which is not too spacious presents a challenge for Rajiv to design a roomy and airy impression. The bed have no legs, but designed one level higher than the floor. Also no legs attached to the table, adding to the relief area that can be used.

In the bathroom space, he created a blend of wood accents and brick model tiles. In other parts of the bathroom, stainless steel is the main material for the desk. A unique frame like fractal textured aluminum paper decorated the mirror attached to the wall.

Again, wood ornaments decorate the living room as a place to relax for families. Rajiv covers the floor to the wall with hardwood panels. To add a warm impression, the brown lacquer overlays the wood evenly and perfectly.