Modern Apartment Interior Design Mixes Technology and Nature

Nature provides the best modern apartment interior design inspiration for Brazilian architect Angélica Araújo. He designed House 22 as a residential stub that provides naturalist natural scenery, combined with a fantastic hotel structure. Technology is really applied to this residence, along with door automation, curtains and lighting.

The natural elements presented in this house come from nature such as rocks, leaves, ores. including art and the surrounding environment. Floors and finishing have an appearance reminiscent of natural stone, with a mixture of colors.

Special glass that replaces transparency between rooms, divides bedrooms with bathrooms and cabinets. A touch of technology appears with glass, which can turn blurry when touched. This condition brings personal privacy to the individual occupants of the house. The Eco-leather that covers the floor of the bedroom and living room, while ensuring comfort and practicality.

Lastly, in the bathroom, a table made on Dekton (Cosentino) and a floor and wall cover, Infinity Stone (Terra Tile). The House System run by Oficina de Layout provides information in lac and wood and makes certain practicality. Hence, artwork gives the intention of giving color to the area of this modern apartment interior design.