Minimalist Apartment NYC with Midtown Minimalism

On the 39th floor of the Olympic Tower in Midtown Manhattan, architect Wayne Turret presents the minimalist apartment nyc design of an 3,400-square-foot apartment. This apartment make its function as a halfway house for several lawyers.

The right word to describe this apartment is glass walls everywhere. In a room like this living room, almost entirely surrounded by transparent glass panels. Only one side is opaque in the form of a large, bright red work closet. Later, in the family room, the curved sofa faces a large glass wall. It is suitable for families to relax together in the afternoon while enjoying views of Manhattan.

The bedroom room is no less interesting by presenting, again a large glass wall. The interior is dominated by red and white, indicating the interior designer is not afraid to play with color. Hence, makes this overall residential as a minimalist apartment nyc