Loft Conversion Ideas in An Industrial Area

Egue & Seta have undergo a commercial area into a loft space, establish in Terrassa, Spain. There is something interesting about this loft conversion ideas project in Teressa, Spain. Previously this building was one of the industrial buildings which later developed into a loft. One job begins by opening a “iroco” double wood collection with a custom metal door.

Entering the living room, parquet floor made of natural oak will greet your feet. There is a kind of large aquarium, but minus the fish, balanced with the impression of deciduous leaves and beautiful and sweet flowers.

For building foundations, architects create a living room with a large area. A “U-shaped” sofa is the center attraction of the living room interior. The light gray velvet cushions, specially designed by designers, decorate the room with modern and natural accents.

From this living room’s loft, you can look directly into the room as well as outdoors. The dining room and kitchen has only borders with a floor higher than the sofa area.

In the dining room, there is the designer Bedrock Slab tabl, came from the famous Italian design company, RIBA 1920. The classic Eames chair surrounds the dining table in a concrete tone. One interesting item in this house is a “special” motorcycle which is a priceless decor to the family.

Traveling around the living room, currently through the left corridor, you can step on a concrete road. That is where a collection of powerful light projectors had actually been built onto the loft’s floor; for careful elegance from under the bare handcrafted brick walls. In the direction of this hallway, a large, sturdy swing door, without maintenance or locking, seems to promise to always be open to invite you to more exclusive areas of the house.

Hope you can make some problem solving from this loft conversion ideas.