Interior Design of the 7th Street Residence by Pulltab Design

A young family who in their 4 years marriage wants an attractive residence in East Town. The 2,400-square-foot area is a modern building restoration site. The house is here to enliven a comfortable and open family atmosphere with a unique touch of interior design.

Materials used in this architecture are American black walnuts, bronze and steel. As a result, these materials combine in a modern design, along with the arrangement of strong pigment paint and lacquer gloss. This apartment main attraction is the living room and dining room. Meanwhile, on the exterior side, the garden walls provides a solid focal point for the living room.

In combination with the wall surface up and down above, the shallow swimming pool, made specifically of folded steel sheets. This reflects the function of a good swimming pool as a way to block water droplets. From a hidden vertical wall courtyard surface watering system, the house interior design allows the addition of water pages in a soothing room, complete with live goldfish.

Some private panels, symbolized by pulling the hand that is transmitted personally, open to expose (from right to left) the chess table, the long claro petal table with a length of 8 axles and a bar illuminated with a glass shelf.

As an example, to illustrate the function of each panel, 3 colors decorates them: bright orange, bright yellow (for hidden stems) and also dark blue. These colors add an energetic layer to the room interior design. At the same time, mapping their connections back to Piet Mondrian’s inspirational make-up paintings, from the 1920s and 30s.