Apartment in New York with Awesome City View

How can an apartment make its residents feel at home and like to do activities in it? This apartment in New York might be an example. Containing 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, this apartment offers spectacular views of New York city both during the day and at night.

In a room that can be said to be like this workspace, you can see the functions and shapes that become one. There was one large flat television attached to the wall while the sitting sofa was placed opposite. The television is close to a small, minimalist, yet spacious-sized work desk. So, when tired after work, you can just sit on the couch while watching the favorite soap opera.

The middle room is relieved to be one with a dining table. Spectacular views of New York City can be seen clearly from here. Large and tall glass windows almost dominate half of the room, giving the best access to any corner of New York City.

Light green sofa with a classic vintage impression into the main furniture that adorns this living room. There are also two photos of large classic cars affixed to the wall. Simple interior decor but enough to give it a special accent.

Again, another view of New York city is shown in the bedroom. Large and spacious windows are now available on one side of the bedroom if this apartment in New York. The colors that dominate the bedroom are bright red, maroon, and white and black.