Apartment Living Interior Design With Nice Open Space Concept

A young executive in Amsterdam, the Netherlands is the owner of this charming apartment living interior design renovation project. The designer is Laura Alvarez. The owner wants an apartment that previously feels dark and crowded, becomes bright and relieved. At the same time, the design must bring a unique aspect of the old structure.

The area of ​​the apartment that Laura Alvarez is working on is 70 square meters. Small enough for the size of the residence. Most of the rooms in this apartment has no insulations. The separation of the room comes with the elements of furniture that are in the house.

For example, a mild steel staircase separates the kitchen from the dining room. On the wall, satin glass material adorns the room. He became the top floor and bathroom cover. Interesting views from the city of Amsterdam is the main attraction from the windows of this apartment. Besides functioning as a seat, the bench also works as a practical storage cabinet. As a liaison between the outside and inside the apartment living interior design, sliding doors are the best choice for designers to close the front hall.

Meanwhile, on the upper floor is a living room located next to the main family room. Both locations are used as one large room separated into two to accommodate various needs. The washroom is between the two rooms.

Other storage places are large closets with eleven meters long. A clear wardrobe is a furniture to determine storage space and to damage the white line of new furniture. Light is not directly positioned above the cabinet to build continuity in the area.

In addition to apartment living interior design, the frameless door contribute to alluding to the area as pure feeling other than a sharp surface. Bamboo floors offer a warm feeling on the upper floor while on the initial floor a gray epoxy creates a balanced comparison with the woody part of the nut.